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Is Buying A Warranty On A Used Car Worth It

Car buyers spend hours researching the vehicle they want to purchase and how much to pay for it. A used car buying guide is an excellent source of information when it comes to making an informed decision.

is buying a warranty on a used car worth it

If you have purchased a home appliance, computer equipment or a used car recently, you probably have been offered an extended warranty. In many cases, the salesperson will have pushed you hard to purchase it -- outlining all of the benefits of the warranty and the negative feelings you will have if your purchase fails prematurely.

Warranties are designed to cover the costs of unexpected repairs and vehicle-related expenses. Vehicle service contracts cover the costs of expected maintenance and effectively pre-pay those costs at a low rate than may be charged in the future. The terms are often used interchangeably because most warranties are a promise by the warranty company to pay for services in exchange for the up-front purchase of the policy.

These types of coverage are most often purchased by buyers that intend to own a vehicle beyond the length of the standard factory warranty or for a used vehicle that is already out of warranty. It is an entirely separate coverage package and is purchased separately from the factory warranty that comes with a new vehicle.

On the surface, an extended vehicle warranty, or vehicle service contract, sounds like a great deal. For a nominal monthly fee, the owner of a used car can get the peace of mind that comes with having a regular factory-backed warranty. Additionally, extended warranties are pretty easy to find, many automakers, AAA and several car insurance companies will sell them. These plans can vary in several ways, including how long they will be valid as well as in coverage and price. You will definitely want to do your homework before spending additional money.

In addition, it is important to remember that you always have the right to shop and compare when making any purchase, especially when buying an item as costly as a new or used vehicle. You will find the process much easier if you understand that you can shop and compare not only for your local auto dealers, but also your financing and warranty services as well.

Most used vehicles are offered by dealers "as is." If you explicitly negotiate and knowingly accept such an offer, you give up your implied warranty of merchantability. Nothing in any law requires you to sign a waiver of your implied warranty rights under any circumstances.

If you purchase a service contract on a used vehicle from the same dealer within 90 days of purchase, the implied warranty of merchantability cannot be waived, and you will have the protection of both the service contract and the implied warranty of merchantability (RCW 48.96.045(4)). The availability of the implied warranty or a service contract does not eliminate the need for a thorough test drive and an inspection by a qualified mechanic.

If you did not effectively or knowingly waive the implied warranty, or if the dealer made sufficient verbal promises about the vehicle's condition and what will happen if any problems arise such that an express warranty is created, you may be able to get the dealer to fix the vehicle at reduced or no charge. But verbal promises are always difficult to prove and enforce. When a dealer's salesperson or manager refuses to put important promises or representations in writing, you should consider buying elsewhere. Further, since your signature on a document is very important, you must read everything before you sign making certain that any verbal promises are included.

It is worth noting that when your car needs repairs, you may need a rental to carry on your day to day activities. And rental prices can be high, averaging at about 50 dollars a day for economy cars. With the proper extended warranty, a rental or loaner car will be discounted or covered. That is just one example of a multitude of additional perks falling under extended warranties. Others include, free towing, lost-key lockout services, 24/7 roadside assistance, and benefits that help pay for breakdowns far from home.

You may have been getting calls lately about your extended car warranty. Of course, you don't have one, so the caller is all but certainly a scammer. But there are such things as legitimate extended car warranties and you can buy them. If you have a tight budget and an unreliable car, a warranty might be worth the money. In many cases, however, you can do without one.

If you're buying a used car, the car may still have a manufacturer's warranty. You can find out by looking at the buyer's guide posted on a side window. If the car still has the manufacturer's warranty, you don't need the service contract.

Car warranties typically protect vehicle owners from expensive repairs and replacements caused by defective vehicle parts. Blowing your budget on buying a used vehicle and having to incur future repair costs is disappointing. Fortunately, you can get several dealership warranties on used cars.

It goes without saying that new cars and auto parts purchased straight from the dealership are expected to be equipped with standard warranty offers. However, when it comes to used car parts, issued warranties tend to vary depending on which auto store you go to. On top of that, spending more on the reassurance of a used car part warranty might also be a difficult financial decision for buyers already dealing with a tight budget.

Compared to decades ago, the amount of discount auto parts stores offering warranties on their used car parts has significantly increased. Much of this has been the result of the expanding accessibility of used auto parts, specifically in regards to ordering parts online. The important thing to consider when evaluating the worth of a warranty from any auto store is receiving a clear definition of its length and its stipulations.

Used electrical car parts in general are usually the trickiest to find warranty offers for. This is because they tend to have already endured plenty of usage, and repairing or replacing used electrical car parts can prove difficult for some used auto part stores. However, if you have the opportunity to add on a warranty to your used electrical car part purchase (specifically a 90-day warranty), take advantage of it, because paying that extra money up front will pay off in the long run if you do happen to experience technical difficulties further down the road.

Before you invest in an extended warranty, it's important to consider the cost of the warranty compared to the cost of any anticipated repairs. Research the make and model of your vehicle and pinpoint the most common issues with this type of car. Are there any parts that are prone to failure? Estimate the cost of these repairs, then check it against what you're putting down for your warranty to determine whether it's really worth the investment.

Consumer Reports revealed that certain types of vehicles have a higher satisfaction rate for their warranties than others. The least reliable brands have the most satisfied warranty customers. BMW owners are the most likely to use their warranty, with 71 percent taking advantage of the coverage. Sixty-five percent of Chrysler owners and 63 percent of Dodge owners used their warranties, as did 60 percent of drivers who had a Mercedes-Benz.

These numbers look very different for the more reliable brands on the road. Only 39 percent of Honda and Toyota owners used their warranty, and just 36 percent of Subaru drivers cashed in on their coverage. Though drivers with more reliable cars paid less for their warranties, they were still less likely to purchase such a plan again.

The one time when you do want evidence of a car warranty is when you're purchasing a used vehicle. Drivers who have their car under warranty are more likely to have obtained necessary repairs. This is probably because these owners want to get the most out of their investment. However, it may also be that drivers who go to the trouble of buying a warranty are more likely to pay attention to their car all the way around.

If you're buying a used vehicle, look for one that's been under an extended warranty. This typically points to better care in all areas and will indicate a vehicle that's been very well maintained. This quick trick could help you choose between two otherwise identical vehicles on the market.

Therefore, to determine whether such a warranty is worth paying for, we should look at how much it ordinarily costs to repair a puncture and replace a tire, and the likelihood of a driver needing such a repair or replacement.

While warranties are one of the best things a car can come with, not every car guarantee is the same. Finding a used car warranty with good perks can provide benefits for years to come, regardless of whether you ride the vehicle through the duration of the agreement or sell it while the warranty is still valid.

The next level of coverage! Offering protection for years longer than a basic warranty, extended warranties on used vehicles are designed to create peace of mind after standard warranties expire. Depending on what is covered and who provides it, the extended cover can last from three to five years past the basic warranty.

Instead of having to worry about taking on the full cost of repairs to your vehicle years down the road, you know you have coverage to offset these potentially costly bills. They can also be used as an add-on selling feature if the warranty is transferrable, which can help you get more for the car if you decide to sell it privately.

Is the dealer required to give a 30-day warranty on used cars? No. Maine law does not establish a set warranty coverage (other than state safety inspection warranty) or time period that a dealer must provide for a used car. Maine law also does not specify what items and terms a warranty will include. Many times a dealer will have standard written warranty coverage. Review any written warranty carefully to determine the length of the dealer's warranty and the items covered for your used car. These will be listed on the express warranty section of the Used Vehicle Buyer's Guide. 041b061a72

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