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Svyatoslav Yefimov

Stargirl - The Lost Children 04 (of 06) (2023) ...

Ten years from now on November 22, Helena Wayne is playing with her friends at Gotham Elementary School as her voice-over narration mentions about her seeing a mysterious person that she calls "The Stranger" (the name she gave for Per Degaton). On November 22, 1940, Johnny Thunder is preparing to take a photo of the Justice Society of America members Atom, Sandman, Spectre, Flash, Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Green Lantern, and Hourman. As Green Lantern states that the team is here, Sandman states that there will be more members as he has dreamed of it. When Atom asks Doctor Fate how many kids Mary and him are going to have, he is told that there are many possibilities as Nabu's magic is not used for entertainment. Though he does claim to Atom that he will have at least one. Flash states that he and Joan Garrick are thinking of starting a family. When Atom asks about Flash, Doctor Fate states that there are some "children lost". The Helmet of Fate starts heating up as Atom and Hawkman work to get it off while Doctor Fate states that he saw "tomorrow". On November 22, 3022, the ruins of the JSA's headquarters are found by the descendants of Green Lantern, Doctor Fate, and Atom as they are ambushed by the Stranger who kills Doctor Fate. Back in 1940, Kent Nelson has the Helmet of Fate off his head while having a nosebleed as the rest of the JSA state that he won't have to deal with this burden alone. On November 22, 1976, Doctor Mid-Nite examines Doctor Fate where he mentions about a female named Salem as Doctor Mid-Nite advises him to get some rest. Star-Spangled Kid and Power Girl come in to see if Doctor Fate is alright. When Power Girl states that they defeated Vulcan and she has proven herself to the JSA, Doctor Fate mentions how Wonder Woman would say something different from Power Girl's ability claim while mentioning that the Helmet of Fate has its gifts and curses. In the present, Kent's grand-nephew Khalid Nassour meets with Detective Chimp who tells him what he knows about the Helmet of Fate and that Deadman might help them exorcise Nabu from the Helmet of Fate. The club's bouncer Wylde won't let Detective Chimp in the club due to its "No shoes, no shirt, no service" rule. When Khalid puts on the Helmet of Fate and turns into Doctor Fate, he has a vision revolving around 3022 where Green Lantern and Atom fight the Stranger. Back in the 1940s, Alan Scott and Doiby Dickles read from a newspaper about Red Lantern burning a navy ship that left a dozen people dead. On October 31, 1951, Green Lantern, Flash, Doctor Mid-Nite, Wonder Woman, Atom, and Black Canary are before a Congressional committee. Back in the possible future, Helena's voice-over narration states that she is planning to hurt the Stranger like he had hurt her. When she heard a sound downstairs, she took a knife and went downstairs. When she found a shadowed figure, she stabs him and finds out that it is actually Batman. Helena now knows that her father Bruce Wayne is Batman as she asks if her mother knows. 13 years ago, Catwoman was in the middle of stealing the Cursed Shen Ring of Hauhet when she is confronted by Doctor Fate. She uses her whip to remove the Helmet of Fate from Doctor Fate and gets away as Doctor Fate warns her that the Stranger is going to kill her daughter. Back at Wayne Manor, Selina Kyle finds out about Helena discovering that Bruce is Batman and argues with him about her going down the possible path that his other sidekicks have gone down. In 1848 in Bel Air, Michigan, Corky Baxter is confronted by his fellow Time Masters as he is telling John Wilkes Booth not to kill someone at the Fort Theater. After Corky is reprimanded, the Time Masters reveal that some of the "thirteen" were lost before they can be reintegrated back into the 1940s and the ones in question are the children. Mime and Marionette are shown painting a room for their child. In the "Watchmen" universe, Cleopatra is working on getting in a building with Bubastis II to find the Watchman. 18 years from now, Helena is visited by someone. Back in the present, Khalid has informed Deadman and Detective Chimp of what he saw as Deadman suggests that they go find someone who is associated with Egyptian gods. 18 years from now, Selina is visited by two people. 13 years ago, Batman was found dead which devastated Selina as she is comforted by the JSA. Helena vows to avenge her father and becomes Huntress. The final panels show the bios of the original Aquaman, Betsy Ross and Molly Pitcher (who were the sidekicks to Miss America), Cherry Bomb (who was the sidekick of Human Bomb), Harlequin's Son (who is the son of the Molly Mayne version of Harlequin), John Henry Jr. (whose bio mentions the death of John Henry and how he brought the last of his murderers to justice), Judy Garrick in her superhero identity of "Boom", Ladybug (who was Red Bee's sidekick), Legionnaire (whose information was redacted and whose appearance is blacked out except for his ring), the Thaddeus Brown version of Mister Miracle, Quiz Kid (who was the sidekick of Mister Terrific), Salem the Witch Girl (who was the sidekick of Doctor Fate), and Red Lantern.[6]

Stargirl - The Lost Children 04 (of 06) (2023) ...

On April 13, 1942, two criminals named the Fox and the Crow have committed a robbery as they are being pursued by TNT and Dan the Dyna-Mite who defeat them. Six months ago, Dan the Dyna-Mite in his alter ego of Daniel Dunbar reminisces about TNT getting killed in action. In Blue Valley, Courtney Whitmore does a voice-over narration about Pat's history and how they as Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E. defeated Dragon King and Shiv. Barbara Whitmore grounds Courtney due to her slipping grades and will only grant her a pass if it is a major JSA assignment. Pat claims that Wing is still buried in his grave after a visit to it and that the displaced Crimson Avenger claimed that his Wing was alive as Pat claims that she still has friends in Jakeem Thunder and Cyclone. Later that night, Courtney is visited by Red Arrow who has a lead on where Wing is. She tells Red Arrow about Crimson Avenger's claims of the Childminder and the lost children. Changing into Stargirl, Courtney states to Red Arrow that she has to be back before the sun rises. At the house of Dan Dunbar, Stargirl and Red Arrow do some investigating as they recap about TNT's work with the Young All-Stars and the exploits of Sylvester Pemberton's sister Merry Pemberton. Red Arrow mentioned that Miss America's sidekicks Betsy Ross and Molly Pitcher disappeared after World War II and the disappearances of John Henry Jr. and Cherry Bomb as well as Hourman's sidekick Tick-Tock disappearing during an investigation into a Miraclo hijacking. Both of them then hear some message meant for Dan on the radio until an explosion happens telling them to find them. After crashing into an island where he saves his rings, Daniel finds himself younger as a voice states to Dan that he shouldn't have come here.[10]

The battle for the fate of the lost children is here! Stargirl faces off against the Childminder on Orphan Island in the hopes of saving these forgotten sidekicks from her monstrous clutches. But if she succeeds, what does this mean the DC Universe timeline? 041b061a72

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