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Heroes Lore: Wind of Soltia - A Review of the Game that Broke Records in Korea

Also, i'm here looking for more info on the saga. I think there are more games apart from this one that follow the wind of soltia storyline, but i couldn't find any information on the chronology of the games, or where to find them. There were some comments about it not having a translation for the other games. Is there anyone here that knows about this saga and can throw some light on it for me? I want to continue playing it. I'd pay for it if it meant i could continue playing out the story of Ronin, Reah and Aramor. Maybe this is not the right place to ask for such a thing? If so, please point me in the right direction!

download game heroes lore wind of soltia

Heroes Lore: Wind Of Soltia he best selling mobile sensation from Korea has arrived on Western mobiles! Journey into a land of heroes to save an entire world from evil in this epic adventure of combat, quests, magic and monsters. Discover the truth behind your mysterious past and gain mastery over powerful magic that lets you control the elements and summon powerful guardians to do your bidding. Battle through untold dangers and collect a massive arsenal of swords, axes, shields and armour, combining them with magic to create the ultimate weapons for your epic quest. Voyage through a huge game world of dungeons, towns and vast wastelands - all filled with deadly monsters and giant bosses. Confront your destiny and become a true hero of legend!

LONDON, UK-NOVEMBER 1, 2007-Hands-On-Mobile, the world's leading developer of connected games and applications announces that Heroes Lore Zero, the third and latest installment of its epic Heroes Lore fantasy role play game series has launched in South Korea shattering all previous mobile game download records with over 200,000 copies purchased in the first week alone.

500 exclusive Heroes Lore gift pack sets sold out four days before launch, including a special edition Heroes Lore illustrator book; custom made Heroes Lore mobile handset charger/adapter; and a download of the mobile game.

Brave heroes must save their kingdom from evil. Help them in their adventures. Choose your character and fight with monsters and demons, explore dungeons and ancient castles. Upgrade your weapon and armor and learn new abilities. Interesting story awaits you in this RPG.

Judging by the PR hype, Heroes Lore is as big in Korea as, say, Harry Potter is here. Harry Potter with an iPhone. And starring in a wizard spin-off penned by JK Rowling and new writing partner JJ Abrams. Not only is the Heroes Lore series a hit there, but the third episode in the series, Heroes Lore Zero, both shattered all previous game download records by selling 200,000 copies in a week and crashed networks through frenzied demand. That's got to stand as some sort of testament to this game's quality, right?

The quests are varied, but exploring is a long-winded and quite confusing trek through numerous types of environment. The game's map is as basic as if it had been drawn with an Etch A Sketch so you really need to pay attention to where you've been. Wonder into territory with enemies at too high a level to take on and you might find yourself pinned into a corner, which is a frustrating interlude to treasure finding.

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