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Vixen Model 400 Spark Plug Cleaner Manual

The faster you go on a motorcycle, the sooner your ignition coil will tell the spark plugs to fire. More firing is performed at higher speeds whereas slower speeds have less firing. The engine timing is the mechanism that controls this.

Vixen Model 400 Spark Plug Cleaner Manual

Any parts/products that are subject to everyday wear and tear which include but are not limited to the following: tyres, tubes, spark plugs, filters, cables, lights, bulbs, mirrors, batteries, chains, belts, bearings, fairings, air cleaner elements, brake pads, brake shoes, clutch discs, clutch plates, levers, sprockets, fuses, motor brushes, rubber parts, etc;

SHIELDING: The wiressupplied in the PLASMA CDI System kit are high quality ignition leads designed to transmit spark energyefficiently and to suppress ignition noise. Therefore, they usually do not need shielding. It is alsonecessary touse resistor spark plugs to avoid radio noise. High tension leads should be kept as short as possible. ADF and Strikefinder use may call for additional shielding.

Ignition coils are typically mounted on the top center of theengine. They can also be mounted on the motor mount tubes using adellclamps or on the firewall to a piece of angle aluminum. Ignition coilsshould be mounted so that spark plug lead length will be kept to a minimum formaximum spark energy and minimum noise. It is important that each coilconnects to opposing cylinders, i.e. one coil fires cylinders 1 and 2 andthe other coil fires 3 and 4.

*Do not use heat shrink on the RG-58 wire (black, primary ignition wire usedbefore summer 2002). *The two high tension leads from each coil connect to spark plugs on oppositesides of the crank shaft. That means one coil fires cylinder 1 and 2 the othercoil fires 3 and 4. If your mag fires top and bottom plugs, reroute thecables to fire either all on top or all on the bottom spark plugs. The PLASMACDI can fire either the top or the bottom plugs. If you use onemagneto, your engine runs a little better with the advanced spark on the topplugs.

For normal operation always turn on both the magneto and electronicsystems, even if the benefit of the magneto is not noticeable. If you have sensitive EGT information you may notice a lower EGT whenboth spark plugs are firing. Verify that all cylinder head temperatures arewithin normal limits. Too much timing advance might cause high CHT's.

With the spark plug leads removedfrom all coils and the 9 pin connector in place and power on, rapidly move thesouth pole of amagnet past each Hall sensor. You should be able to generate a spark at thecoils from eachof the four sensors. Also, verify the gap between the sensors and the magnet tobe 0.030" - 0.060".

ThePlasma CDI systems are designed to not interfere with any aircraft radios ifinstalled per manual. If noise is noticed on the radio, it is an indication of arcing on thehigh voltage lines. This can be anywhere between the BNC connectors and the sparkplugs.

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