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Bridge Constructor Portal Free 2021 Download

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Bridge Constructor Portal Free Download

Bridge Constructor Portal is a game with gameplay that combines two famous game genres: bridge-building and Portal. You will find impressive levels and require you to build a bridge for all vehicles to pass. In addition, there will always be dangerous elements that players will need to be careful of during construction, and portals will be a new factor that attracts players to the game. So, this is a game that will effectively entertain them.

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Bridge and Portal combination, you must be brains to try to build the most solid bridge at the lowest cost, so that all cars passed. Some levels are more difficult, there are many factors to consider, it is burning brain. The only drawback is the level of some less, only 60 off, hope to follow up to update more levels. Like Bridge Builder and wait for the portal for the new game players may wish to try this combination of the two together, a very creative game.

Bridge Constructor Portal is an excellent android game that has become a hybrid of popular Portal and Bridge Constructor games. In this game you will act as an employee of the natural portal research laboratory, where your task will be to build bridges, erect ramps and other objects in 60 different chambers where further research will be carried out and the humans could safely walk the entire distance on their machines. Use in action numerous gadgets in the form of repulsive gel, accelerating gel, air panels, cubes and others in order to bypass turrets, lasers and pits with acid. Pass all the tests of the game and solve the difficult puzzles, which are based on the laws of physics.

Portal Bridge Constructor is a great game for Android, which has become a hybrid of the popular games Portal and Bridge Constructor. In this game you will play the role of the laboratory investigation of natural portals, where your task will be to build bridges, to build ramps and other facilities in 60 different cameras, where further research will be conducted and the men could safely go the whole distance on their machines. In action use the many gadgets in the form of a repulsive gel, an accelerator gel, air, panels, cubes, and another to bypass the turrets, lasers and pits of acid. Go through all the trials games and solve challenging puzzles based on the laws of physics.

The object of the game is simple: Construct bridges with appropriate supports that allow at least one vehicle to make it to the finish (for an extra challenge, try to design your bridge so that it can support a convoy). The only three building materials are regular supports, roadway, and suspension cables. The cost of materials you use is calculated, but there's no spending limit. Levels become increasingly challenging to solve, eventually involving aspects of the original Portal series: avoiding or knocking over turrets, a gel that changes the friction of the roadway, and of course, portals.

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In the Bridge Constructor Portal game for android, you have to play as a laboratory employee where natural portals are explored. He needs to build bridges and other complex structures using the latest technology. It is important to ensure the high strength of the buildings, because experienced testers will walk or drive on them. If the bridge collapses and people die, the gamer will receive an impressive fine. Therefore, when building high-tech structures, you need to calculate every step and exercise extreme caution.

But the most important role in the Bridge Constructor Portal is played by portals, the unique properties of which are studied by the laboratory. With their help, the participant will be able to solve the most difficult puzzles and go through the most intricate sections. Portals accelerate or repel the gel and provide many benefits. In a hopeless situation, you can use a hint. Fascinating gameplay is addictive and does not let you tear yourself away from the simulator. The project will appeal to a variety of people and will help to have an interesting time. You can download the game Bridge Constructor Portal for Android using the active link below.

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