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Hunter Thompson
Hunter Thompson

Chemistry Matters Book Free Download [UPDATED]

Chemist Adam Azman contacted me more several years ago to ask if I knew of a free or open source chemistry spellchecker custom dictionary for Word or OpenOffice. Searches had revealed only paid-for dictionaries. We both agreed that a free chemical spellchecker would be very useful to all scientists working with chemicals, so Adam set about creating from scratch an open access chemistry dictionary.

Chemistry Matters Book Free Download

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Our work from the past six years includes about 15 eBooks, or digital newsbooks. These 15 newsbooks are accessible here as free downloads from the website. The widespread adoption of tablets and e-readers has created a robust demand for eBooks. I believe our digital newsbooks provide a terrific reading experience, making it easier than ever to digest one of our long-form investigative projects. We are able to collect all of the related pieces into one downloadable newsbook that can be taken on the road or read at leisure, much like a print book.

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