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Hunter Thompson
Hunter Thompson

Autodesk Showcase 2014 26 ((BETTER))

Autodesk Building Design Suite 2014 availability varies by country, with software and cloud services included varying by edition. Details and purchasing options are available at

autodesk showcase 2014 26

In 2014 subscription customers have the benefit of leveraging the cloud tools, which are increasingly being developed to extend the desktop based suites. Amar went on to show that contrary to popular belief, customers want to use more products. Here are some of the facts he presented:

Amar said that suites revenue is up 53% over the last year, showing by continuing to add value to all autodesk suites via growing products & services within the suites is the right path for Autodesk and its customers.

This article will take subscribers through the process of requesting a Home Use license. This article will also show how a user can request a Previous Version license. A Previous Version license allows subscribers to request the use of an older Autodesk product they may not have owned. For example, a subscriber has purchased AutoCAD 2016, but has never owned AutoCAD 2014. This user would like to use AutoCAD 2014 to run 3rd party add-ons that were only developed for the 2014 version. Though the user never owned an AutoCAD 2014 license, he/she may be granted a special Previous Version license for installing AutoCAD 2014.

AutoCAD 2014 provides new controls to enhance software security and help prevent loading and running of unauthorized or malicious AutoLISP and VBA applications. The Files tab of the Options dialog box includes Trusted File Search Path. You can also access these controls using the new TRUSTEDPATHS and TRUSTEDDOMAINS system variables.

In AutoCAD 2014 the Online ribbon tab is renamed to Autodesk 360. It includes a new Open Folder tool for easy access to the Autodesk 360 folder on your local machine and the new Design Feed enables you to enter posts and images for a drawing that can be shared online.

Point cloud functionality is enhanced in AutoCAD 2014 to support inserting of Point Cloud Project (RCP) and Scan (RCS) files produced by Autodesk ReCap in addition to the previously supported PCG and ISD formats. You can select point cloud files using the Attach tool from the Point Cloud panel of the Insert ribbon tab. After a point cloud is attached, the contextual tab that is displayed when the point cloud is selected is enhanced to make it easier to work with point clouds. You can now change the stylization (colorization) of point clouds to colorize the point cloud based on the scan colors (colors captured by the scanner), object color (color assigned to object), Normal (colorize based on the normal direction of point) or Intensity (reflectivity value of points). If normal or intensity data was not captured with the scan, those stylizations are disabled. In addition, more clipping tools are displayed on the ribbon to make it easier to clip the point cloud.

AutoCAD 2014 supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. If you are using a Windows 8 touchenabled device, you can benefit from smoother pan and zoom performance. A new control on the System tab of the Options dialog box displays a touch mode ribbon panel when a touch screen device is detected.

A default installation of AutoCAD 2014 adds several valuable apps from Autodesk Exchange including the Featured Apps ribbon tab, the Exchange App Manager and the Import SKP tool that imports a sketchup file into the current drawing as a block reference.

The display of linetypes and layers from externally referenced drawings is enhanced in AutoCAD 2014. Xref linetypes are not displayed in the linetype list of the ribbon or Properties palette. Xref layers are still displayed in the ribbon so you can control their visibility but they are not displayed in the Properties palette.

When you download AutoCAD 2014 and run the exe you will find the new Autodesk Self Extract. Too bad that the window cannot be moved and the path cannot be edited in the text box and the exe file cannot be unzipped using for example 7-Zip like it used to for AutoCAD 2013.

NEW: Scripted uninstall file. Each deployment now includes a batch file that you can use to automatically uninstall all or part of a deployment. The batch file acad2014_Uninstall is found in the SMS_SCCM scripts folder of the deployment.

It is possible to install and run AutoCAD 2014 on Windows Vista but you're on your own. You first need to ensure that .NET 3.5 SP1 is installed. To install AutoCAD 2014 right mouse click on the Setup.exe > Properties > Compatibility Tab > Show settings for all users > Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 2).

Available AutoCAD 2014 languages : English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. Japanese is also available but not as part of the AutoCAD 2014 Language Pack. Russian, Czech, Hungarian and Polish are missing so far but will be added.

This readme contains the latest information for Autodesk AutoCAD 2014 and Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2014. For reference, save or print this document. It is strongly recommended that you read this entire document before you install this product.

AutoCAD Civil 2014 Object Enabler ID: DL21825057 The Civil Object Enabler is a freeware application that you can use to access Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing files. This release allows object data created in Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 =21825057&linkID=9240618&siteID=123112Published: 2013-May-29 Category: Utilities & Drivers

AutoCAD 2014 Custom Entity Hotfix ID: DL21484847 This hot fix addresses an issue with the file open command failing when a drawing is opened that contains custom entities with embedded 3D solids. This hotfix applies to the shipping version =21484847&linkID=9240618&siteID=123112Published: 2013-Apr-10 Category: Updates & Service Packs

Regapp ID Cleanup Utility for AutoCAD 2013/2014 ID: DL21482832 When you delete an object with Extended Entity Data (xdata), a regapp ID remains in the application ID (APPID) symbol table. When a file contains excess unreferenced regapp IDs =21482832&linkID=9240618&siteID=123112Published: 2013-Apr-02 Category: Updates & Service Packs

Scale List Cleanup Utility for AutoCAD 2013/2014 ID: DL21482846 When a file contains excess scales, performance may be negatively affected. Eventually, the file may become unusable. To use the file, some scales must be removed. This utility repairs =21482846&linkID=9240618&siteID=123112Published: 2013-Apr-02 Category: Updates & Service Packs

AutoCAD Architecture & AutoCAD MEP 2014 Object Enabler ID: DL21383313 AutoCADArchitecture-MEP 2014 OE.exe (exe - 18951Kb) AutoCAD Architecture-MEP 2014 OE x64.exe (exe - 23621Kb) Readme (html - 33Kb) =21383313&linkID=9240618&siteID=123112Published: 2013-Mar-28 Category: Utilities & Drivers

2014 products: AutoCAD 2014 AutoCAD for Mac 2014 AutoCAD Mechanical 2014 AutoCAD P&ID2014 AutoCAD Plant 3D 2014 AutoCAD Design Suite Standard 2014 Autodesk Product Design Suite Standard 2014 Autodesk Factory Design Suite Standard 2014 Autodesk Building =21379174&linkID=9240617&siteID=123112Published: 2013-Mar-25 Category: Knowledge Base

that are both sold independently and as part of a product suite. For example, installing AutoCAD2014 as a point product requires product key 001F1, but installing AutoCAD 2014 from the Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate 2014 requires product key 781F1 =21481916&linkID=9240617&siteID=123112Published: 2013-Apr-01 Category: Knowledge Base

:00:04 (adskflex) OUT: "40100ARCHDESK_3_3F" user@hostname The feature codes for Autodesk2014 products are as follows: Product Feature Code AutoCAD 2014 86063ACD_2014_0F AutoCADArchitecture 2014 86137ARCHDESK_2014_0F AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 86173CIV3D_2014_0F =21374698&linkID=9240617&siteID=123112Published: 2013-Mar-25 Category: Knowledge Base

Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D 2014 Object Enablers ID: DL21330574 Autodesk offers free downloadable enablers that you can use to access, display, and manipulate object data in applications different from their native environment. This provides essential =21330574&linkID=9240618&siteID=123112Published: 2013-Apr-15 Category: Utilities & Drivers

this object enabler installed, you can share drawings using proxy graphics representations or the Export to AutoCAD command. Open Light 2014 Object Enabler (32-bit) (exe - 2939Kb) Open Light2014 Object Enabler (64-bit) (exe - 3712Kb) Readme (select language =21478037&linkID=9240618&siteID=123112Published: 2013-Apr-02 Category: Utilities & Drivers

systems for releases of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT: AutoCAD 2014 and AutoCAD LT 2014 (current release) OS 32-bit 64-bit Windows 8 Standard, Enterprise, Professional Standard, Enterprise, Professional Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium =14078105&linkID=9240617&siteID=123112Published: 2013-Mar-25 Category: Knowledge Base

System requirements for AutoCAD ID: TS15412189 This document provides the system requirements for Autodesk AutoCAD Products. AutoCAD 2014 System Requirements For 32-bitAutoCAD 2014 For 64-bit AutoCAD 2014 Additional requirements for large =15412189&linkID=9240617&siteID=123112Published: 2013-May-15 Category: Knowledge Base

AutoCAD Reality Capture Memory Leak Hotfix ID: DL21475673 This hotfix addresses a memory leak issue when using the Reality Capture (Point Clouds) feature. This hotfix applies to the shipping version of Autodesk AutoCAD 2014, and AutoCAD 2014-based =21475673&linkID=9240618&siteID=123112Published: 2013-Mar-28 Category: Updates & Service Packs

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