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Practical Boiler Water Treatment Handbook Pdf Download VERIFIED

in the last decade, the cooling water treatment industry has expanded rapidly. the industry has developed a new and very successful customer base of both large and small companies, and has now been recognized by the u.s. environmental protection agency (epa) as a critical part of the new national energy policy. the ability of cooling water systems to provide a safe and efficient means of cooling is an integral part of the energy independence of the united states. cooling systems have always played a crucial role in the safety of our buildings, but today they also help us achieve energy independence by decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, reducing pollution, and increasing the efficiency of our buildings. in the course of the implementation of this new energy policy, the demand for cooling water treatment systems has increased significantly. in the last several years, there has been a large number of new companies in the field developing both new and improved products to meet this increasing demand. the industry has also developed new technology to treat the increasingly higher concentrations of cooling water found in the u. cooling water systems. these factors have put the industry in a position to address the needs of both large and small companies.

practical boiler water treatment handbook pdf download

the tds and total organic carbon (toc) controls are two of the most important aspects of a water treatment program in a central plant. many operators of central plants have experienced difficulty in maintaining tds and toc levels within the set limits. causes of this difficulty may be due to unrepresentative sampling, inefficient treatment, or a poor design of the control system. this paper provides a brief discussion of some of the problems associated with tds and toc controls in water treatment systems and reviews some of the various control strategies that have been proposed. this paper is meant to be a primer for those who are just getting started in the field of central plant water treatment. issues such as tds and toc monitoring, treatment design, and strategies for controlling tds and toc are discussed in some detail.

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