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Hunter Thompson
Hunter Thompson

Lesson 6 Homework Practice Compare Populations Answersl

The approach for testing the treatment was to have the same instructor teach one or more experimental classes and one or more control classes. Both the experimental and control classes had identical formats (i.e., same text, coverage, assignments, grading, lecture format, etc.) except that the experimental classes fully utilized the treatment for submission of homework (the virtual classroom, practice problems, and practice test functions were also available and encouraged), and the control classes followed a traditional homework approach (i.e., submission of problems on paper). Students in both classes were given similar tests (four per semester) including an identical fully comprehensive final exam. At the end of each semester, test scores and final grades for the experimental and control populations were compared. Modifications to the treatment were implemented each semester based on the overall findings, including student scores, student surveys, and instructor surveys, and at the end of the test program overall results were evaluated.

Lesson 6 Homework Practice Compare Populations Answersl

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